I have set up a You Caring – Fundraising Page in order to be able to try and continue to afford the complex treatments and medications that are required to fight my way back to good health ‘remission’, after contracting Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections.

This involves travelling to the USA to access intensive IV treatments and supportive therapies which are not available to me here in the UK. It also involves me healing from a distance back in the UK, which monthly Skype consultations with my wonderful doctor, and shipping medications across seas all at a huge price. This gives me the best chance to hopefully reach remission from this debilitating illness for which there is currently no cure. I simply wouldn’t be able to afford the extensive medical bills, flights and accommodation without the help and support of donations. No matter how small the amount every single penny is hugely appreciate and helps in some way. Without the treatment I have had to date, it is likely I wouldn’t be here now.

If you wish to help with my fight against Lyme, here is my personal You Caring – Lyme Funraising Page where you are able to donate.

My treatment is on-going, with both oral antibioitcs and herbal supplements, of which I am still self funding. I have already spent £80,000+ on continous medical tests, treatments and a total of 12 months in the US attending the specialist clinic. I have seen so many physical and neurological signs of improvement throughout the past 4 1/2 years, but I can’t stop now. I have to continue with the medical protocols to give me the best chance of reaching remission.

This fundraiser will allow me to continue with treatment at home in the UK and to hopefully be able return to the clinic for Stage 3 of my healing journey, which is vitally important for me to have a chance of remission from this illness.

The NHS continue to have severe difficulty understanding Lyme and lack any willing at all to treat or aid me with my journey as I try and fight this disease. The contreversy and complexities surrounding Chronic Lyme Disease testing, diagnosis and treatment in the UK continue to be a huge challenge for Lyme patients. Not only is this a moral dilemma but a huge physical one for all patients across the UK suffering the effects of Chronic Lyme Disease.

I am so very thankful for such a supportive network of family, friends and also the amazing generosity from people who don’t know me at all. Each of whom have contributed to myYou Caring – Lyme Fundraising Page and have enabled me to travel to a specialised clinic in California for a combined total of 12 months so far over two separate occasions.

Thank you for visiting my page and for taking an interest in my journey, I really appreciate it. I hope if you are a fellow Lyme sufferer or are battling any other struggles health related or not that you may be able to draw some strength from my story. Be sure to re-visit my blog to keep updated on my treatment progress and my continue battle in the Lyme Light.

Strength, smiles and hope… Chantelle x

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