I am currently receiving treatment at Gordon Medical Associates in California, USA. I have spend a total of 12 months in the US and the remainder of the time treating from a distance. All of which has been entirely under the guidance of the team at GMA and more specifically Dr. Wayne Anderson.

This clinic feels like it is giving me a life line and they are really doing their all to try and fix me. With over 25 years treating patients with Lyme Disease and co-infections, they have a world of knowledge and first hand experience with chronic and complex illness.


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  1. Victoria T. says:

    dear chantelle, my heart aches for you and I so admire your lively spirit!
    i was wondering if you had looked into liposomal glutathione and also liposomal vitamin c…the commercial brands are somewhat expensive, though much less expensivie than an IV and reportedly more effective!
    and many people are also making their own lipoomals, which is even less expensive…i just started with liposomal c a few days ago and am already feeling an extraordinary difference, after contracting Lyme and bartonella in October 2012…

    blessings, Victoria (New Mexico)

    1. Thankyou for your kind comments. Yes I take this orally too, and as you say is much more cost effective. I have cut down on my IV’s due to finances but I still try every now and then when I am feeling particularly toxic, especially from a die-off. I also have bad detox genes (HLA) so detox play a huge part in my recovery for sure. Thanks again, best wishes. Cx

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