A little bit about me…

Hi and welcome to my very first blog!

I am Chantelle, 29, and have been battling Lyme Disease for the last 14 months. I became unwell whilst working at sea as a stewardess on a classic Motor Yacht Dona Amelia. I have been so lucky to work in the yachting industry and have had a chance to visit some amazing places on my travels.  I loved every minute of my time sailing the seas between idyllic Caribbean islands, but unfortunately in this instance I was faced with trouble in paradise. I first became unwell back in 2012 but was unaware that I had been bitten by a tick. Unfortunately, not only did I contract Lyme Disease from this bite, but I was also infected with two co-infections; Bartonella and Babesia.

As time goes by this disease takes every opportunity to slowly destroy my body in so many ways and has already shown signs of neurological damage.


To ensure the best chance of recovery from this illness, I must travel to the USA for extensive private medical treatment and therapies to rid my body of the Lyme bacteria and re-boost the immune system.

I can no longer work, so I have been fundraising to pay for my flights, accommodation and treatment at a specialist clinic. It is going to cost me over £20,000 so I can beat this disease and get back to loving, living, life!

Over time I will post on how and when I fell ill, my symptoms and the numerous visits to hospital! I will primarily use this blog to log my journey of recovery from this disease. By sharing my story I hope to keep all my friends and family updated, as well as share my experiences to help others as they also fight Lyme. Online support has been a lifeline for me when I had little knowledge of this medical condition, so I feel it’s only right to help and support others, now and in the future. Chantelle x ⚓️


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  1. fred says:

    Good luck honey.. You are not alone xxx

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