New Year, New Meds!

I am happy to say I finally attended my first consultation at GMA (Gordon Medical Associates) yesterday. Armed with pen and paper and my ever growing medical file, I managed to keep my concentration for two hours! I had to discuss the last 15 months of illness; not easy when the list of symptoms is probably longer than Santa’s naughty list!

It was refreshing to talk to a Lyme literate doctor who is used to treating patients with this illness and who has wealth of knowledge and understanding of the complexities that surround not only Lyme, but the co-infections too.
This disease is pure evil, fact!  There is not one part of my body that hasn’t been affected by it in some way. A symptom lottery is how I explain my day to day pain, because I never know how I am gonna feel. It can be anything from burning skin, tremors and nausea, to chest pains and bladder dysfunction and this is just to name a mere few!
So you may be wondering, what is my plan to try and fight this beast?
Well, here is the complicated part! Not only do I have Lyme, but I also have some  co-infections too. The Co’s I have are called Bartonella and Babesiosis, both of which are also tick-borne diseases, so it’s true bad luck does come in threes! Each of these bacteria needs different types of antibiotics and herbal supplements in order to effectively try and rid them from my body and lower the chances of me relapsing years down the line.
Over the next few days I introduce a two week course of three different oral prescription antibiotics, to start to treat the Bartonella. These are Clarithromycin, Rifampin and Diflucan. I have done a lot of research on different meds and Rifampin is the one that causes many difficult herx reactions. This will mean an  increase of symptoms and the severity  of them, maybe new symptoms too. It also has a reputation for causing extremes in mood and mental state, so looks like I will be hibernating in this hotel room till the worst is over, don’t want to scare away the other humans in the hotel!
In addition to the antibiotics, I have also started various new natural supplements. However hippy you might think this sounds, it’s a must in order to support the bodies organs and my immune system, which has become suppressed through this illness. I will now be taking Ox Bile to support my liver, Itires to help my Lymphatics, Cranstat Extra for my urinary tract and Magnesium for my bowels. With out going into detail on my symptoms, especially the latter, you can take my word I need to take these herbals! I will also continue to take the supplements I started a month ago, which are Chlorella, Co Enzyme Q10,  Allicin, Serrapeptase, B12, D3, Krill Oil, Vitamin C and a multivitamin. In addition I take Omeprazole to protect my stomach and help with the acid and a good probiotic. Both of which are important especially when taking a lot of antibiotics. With all these pills and potions I must detox with my Epsom salt baths and lemon water too, everything helps, trust me!
After two weeks of the oral antibiotics, I will then introduce the intravenous antibiotics to begin to treat the Lyme. This will be for a minimum of four weeks to start with, all dependant on how my body reacts. This may be combined with some IV vitamins too. Everything has to be added slowly so that body is not shocked by the sudden intake of medicines.
Besides all the medicine,  I have also had to start a gluten and sugar free diet, with minimum dairy intake… This is vital, as the bacteria feed off those food types and I need to make my body as natural as possible. Its neither going to be fun or easy, but I am sure after a few weeks I will be settled into a routine. It’s not like I have a choice in the matter so I am just going to have to crack on with it!
Last but not least, I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Life can change in an instant, so live for now, enjoy each day and worry about the future when it happens. Be happy, healthy and go and make your dreams come true. Smile, love and laugh…you have one life, live it.
Best wishes to you all for 2014, may this be the best year yet and more.
Chantelle x

4 Comments Add yours

  1. fred says:

    Oh My, the good news is that you have started on the road to recovery. Thinking of you Fred and Emma

  2. Paul Wright says:

    Good luck, Lyme Disease is a funny old thing and not understood in the mainstream. I used to fall asleep across my desk in the early days of the infection.

  3. Helen Buteux says:

    one step (or pill) at a time…. hugs

  4. The journey has began, for which I am soooooo grateful. A new year and a fresh start, time to get ‘fixed’!

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