Time to say Goodbye…UK bound!

So the time has come for me to head back across the pond to the UK and continue my fight to beat this disease on home turf!


I am really excited at returning home to all my favourite people. At the same time I am also feeling anxious too. Whilst being in California, I have been able to have that sense of security through the knowledgeable Lyme doctors in a specialised medical environment. The intravenous antibiotics and other supportive IVs that I have had there have without a doubt been key to my medicine protocol and I feel like I have had the best start to my journey of recovery.

I often get asked, ‘So, are you better now?’ I can’t tell you how more than anything I wish I could say yes, but no I am not better and still very much harbouring a considerable infection
load. What I can say is that I am not as sick as I was three and half months ago, and I am making some great progress.

The H.Pylori infection seems to have gone, and the sheer relief from not having the upper stomachs pain is huge. I took two high dose antibiotics for two weeks for this particular infection and I am now pulsing a herbal Byron White formula to ensure this is rid completely from my system. My appetite has increased, and consequently I have managed to gain a bit of weight, or more ‘meat on my bones’ as my dad would say!
I have also noticed a great reduction in the amount of nausea that I get. My stomach is still problematic due to the Lyme bacteria, but for the majority of the time I feel more able to control this with anti-emetics and with the restriction of gluten, sugar and dairy from my diet.

I am taking home a huge supply of medication, both natural and pharmaceutical. Most of these are less readily available in Europe so I feel much more at ease knowing I can take all these back to the UK with me. I laughed as I had to purchase another suitcase, just for medicine, if only I had been on some huge shopping spree instead!

Once back home I will continue to communicate with my specialist doctor through email and Skype consultations. It is important that I keep up with taking all these oral medicines especially as I will not have access to the additional IV treatments I have been having. If I was a millionaire I would fly my doctor over to the UK to set up a clinic here. It’s so nice to be able to trust someone with your life and know they are doing there best to support you back to health. I have laughed and cried through my time at the clinic and I can say that I felt so cared for by every member of staff that work there.

I have had some more blood tests done and I will wait to receive these results back home. This is to check for some additional infections as well as possible adrenal and vitamin deficiencies.

Thanks to all my new American buddies who have made my stay so much easier. You have been there for me all times of the day and night, and have generally been so hospitable and kind. The next time I update you I will be back in the UK, so I will be back blogging once the jet lag wears off!

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